About Us

About Us

The stunning Osorno Volcano and Lake Llanquihue are our greatest inspiration… We are located in the heart of the Lake District, Puerto Varas, where we create tailor-made itineraries to Chile.

Our history begins to unfold as of 2007, where we took on the commitment to design life changing and unforgettable experiences for our travelers, becoming one of the first Boutique tour operators in Chile.

Our goal is to know every secret in every corner of our beautiful country and we will guide our travelers to discover and uncover all its mysteries, always taking into account the travelers preferences and tastes. One of our executives will take your request and personally accompany you throughout the process. During your journey an emergency phone number is available 24/7, in the hands of one of our travel designers ready to answer any questions or doubts you may have.

Our service includes the delivery of a detailed travel itinerary waiting for you at your arrival in Chile. This Travel Plan includes the day-to-day details of your trip, recommendations of self-drive programs with overall considerations and impressions from our side with our aim to take full advantage of your time in Chile.

We also focus our attention on the development of sustainable tourism. We are constantly incorporating cultural, social and environmentally sustainable practices. Not only do we practice this with our travel programs, we also periodically evaluate and favor suppliers who have implemented the best practices in these areas.

What sets us apart?

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