About Chile

About Chile

As the World was being created there were many unused elements left over on the Planet. The legend rumors that all these elements such as volcanoes, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, woods, glaciers, islands, landscapes and fertile valleys were distributed along a long and narrow stretch of land. The end result being Chile…

In between the Andes Mountains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Chile ranges over a length of 4.300km boasting a dizzying variety of climates and landscapes including the Altiplano area and the world’s most arid desert – the Atacama Desert; the Mediterranean Central Valley with its vibrant capital; Santiago and famous Wine Valleys ,like the Colchagua region and others. Heading south, Chile’s treasure continues with the Lake District revealing majestic volcanoes, rivers and pristine forests as well as the fjords and ice fields of the Austral Road, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Furthermore and equally impressive Chile is defined by the Antarctica, Juan Fernandez Archipelago and the mysterious Rapa Nui.

How to go here?

Santiago is Chile’s capital as well as the location of the main international Airport: Aeropuerto Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez. Different airlines operate domestic flights to the main cities of the country. If you decide to enter Chile by road you will have to cross one of the borders that connect Chile with Bolivia, Peru or Argentina. You can also arrive by ocean, taking a cruise.

 What to expect?

Just about everything! Since Chile is a narrow long strip of land it offers many different landscapes which means different climates, cultures and food! Don’t be surprised to be engulfed in the southern winds; facing a glacier on a Monday and trekking under the beaming hot sun on the driest desert on Earth on a Tuesday!

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