About Little North

About Little North


Star filled skies, turquoise waters, grapes and pisco. The Little North is immersed in infinite secrets, ready to be revealed to the visitor who prefers to escape from the more ´well known´ destinations and keep himself off the beaten track.

La Serena, situated 450 km north of Santiago, is the main city of this destination, it is well known for its traditional architecture and its 27 churches, some of which have been declared a National Monument. La Serena’s beaches are even preferred amongst Chileans to pass the heat of the summer (December to February).

The Elqui Valley is another ´must see´ of this region. The evenings are famous for its densely star filled skies and its fertile valleys produce grapes for one of Chile’s most popular drinks: Pisco. It boasts picturesque towns filled with rich history and was home to famous poets like Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral. You can´t leave the area without visiting at least one of the stunning observatories of the regions, such as Mamalluca, el Pangue or Tololo.

In addition this zone withholds one of the most spectacular ´natural events´ of the country: The Florid Desert. Every three to four years hundreds of floral species flower in August in the valley of Copiapo, thanking the skies mercifully for the little rain that falls during the winter.


  • La Serena – Copiapo: 333 km
  • La Serena – Islas Damas (Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve): 120 km
  • La Serena – Vicuña (Elqui Valley): 68 km
  • La Serena – Santiago: 474 km


Semi arid zone with infrequent rain. Coastlines are often cloaked with a moisture rich ocean fog (so called “camanchaca”). Otherwise the Elqui Valley is famous for its clear skies. The shore temperatures are homogeneous, meanwhile in the interior the temperature oscillates between day and night time.


All year round.


  • La Serena – Antofagasta: 1h 25min
  • La Serena – Santiago: 1h 5min
  • Copiapo – Santiago: 1h 30min