About Juan Fernandez Islands

About Juan Fernandez Islands

The legend tells the story of hidden treasures and famous pirates… Juan Fernandez archipielago is a real paradise for nature and outdoor lovers: Trekking through steep and stunning panoramas, snorkeling, scuba diving, visits to the fur seal colonies or boat excursions. All in all the beautiful geography makes it a paradisiacal and unforgettable place…

These groups of sparsely inhabited volcanic islands are situated about 667 km off the coast of Chile, and it´s in the list of the 10 most isolated places on Earth. Because of its pristine landscapes it was declared World Biosphere Reserve protecting its endemic species of flora and fauna (101 of the 146 native species of plants are endemic).

Robinson Crusoe is the main island, inhabited by only approximately 600 people living in the village of San Juan Bautista. In town there is the Santa Barbara Fort, declared national monument. Other highlights in the nearby areas are the Patriot Caves, cemetery, and the lighthouse.



October to April


  • Aerodrome Santiago – Aerodrome Juan Fernandez: approx. 2,5h
  • Aerodrome Juan Fernandez – San Juan Bautista: ferry 1,5h


The climate is distinctly Mediterranean, with clearly defined warm, dry summers and cooler, wet winters.


  • San Juan Bautista – Lookout Selkirk: 3 km
  • San Juan Bautista – Punta de Isla: 21 km


  • There are no banks or exchange offices, so necessary to bring cash in Chilean Pesos.