About Central Chile

About Central Chile

Ocean, mountains, coastlines and vineyards… These variables are the essence of the central area of our diverse country, which offer an array of activities, adventures, and landscapes. The Central valley, framed by the Andes Mountain to the east and the Pacific coastline to the west, is home to Chile’s capital, Santiago de Chile, one of Latin America’s most modern metropolitan areas with a cosmopolitan diverse culture. This is also the area where Chile’s best fruits and most reputed wines are produced.

In the 130 km of central coastline there are over 20 traditional beach resorts such as Con Con, Zapallar, Reñaca or Viña del Mar. Valparaíso is another “MUST”: this city was declared a World Heritage Site and has been an inspirational place for painters and poets, among them Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

From June to September the abundance of snow make this stretch of the Andes a famous destination for winter sport lovers, with prestigious ski centres, such as Portillo, Valle Nevado, La Parva, and El Colorado/Farellones.


All year round, skiing season between June and September


  • Santiago – Calama: 2h 5min
  • Santiago – Puerto Montt: 1h 45min
  • Santiago – Punta Arenas: 3h 30min


Pleasant Mediterranean climate, winters are mild and summers are usually moderately hot and dry. Months of June and July with rainfalls.


  • Santiago – Valparaiso: 120 km
  • Santiago – Rancagua: 87 km
  • Santiago – Santa Cruz: 180 km